NN Foundation: Collaborating for Sustainable Innovation and Decentralized Governance in the Metaverse.

Welcome to the NN Foundation, where technology, community, and innovation come together to build a better and more sustainable future. We are a decentralized metaverse-based foundation striving to create a strong and diverse ecosystem of members working together to bring our vision to life. By engaging our talented and passionate members, we aim to revolutionize the way we approach current challenges and develop innovative solutions for a brighter future.

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Community Foundation Membership

As a member of the NN Foundation, you will have access to a unique NFT system that allows you to take on different roles and responsibilities within the foundation. Here are the four main types of members, each with specific NFTs and roles:

Community Members

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Community members are the heart and soul of our foundation. Through active involvement in discussions, debates, and events, they help to create a strong and united community that supports and promotes our values. Community NFTs give you access to exclusive events, networks, and opportunities to contribute to our projects and initiatives.

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Decentralised system

NN Foundation farmers are responsible for maintaining and optimizing the blockchain infrastructure that supports the foundation. They play a vital role in ensuring the security, stability, and efficiency of our network. Farmer NFTs give you access to specific resources and rewards for maintaining and improving the blockchain system.


Decentralised system

Developer members are responsible for creating and implementing innovative technologies and solutions within the NN Foundation. With their help, we improve and expand the capabilities of our foundation, both in the metaverse and in the real world. Developer NFTs give you access to resources, tools, and collaborations to create and develop projects that have a real impact on the world.


Decentralised system

NN Foundation Ambassadors represent the foundation worldwide and work to establish partnerships and connections with other organizations, governments, and interested individuals. They promote our vision and mission and help to expand our network of collaborators and supporters. Ambassador NFTs give you access to events, resources, and opportunities to increase the visibility and influence of the foundation on the international stage.

Join Us in Building the Future Together!

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of a community that aims to redefine the future and create a better, more equitable, and sustainable world for everyone.

By joining NN Foundation as a volunteer, you will be part of a global movement that aims to change the world for the better. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with talented and passionate people from all over the world, to learn and share unique knowledge and experiences, and to contribute to the development of projects and solutions that can change the lives of millions of people